Down & Dirty: Zak
Down & Dirty: Hawk(Dirty Angels MC)

The Dirty Angels MC Series, Book 3

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: Novel

This book can be read as a standalone

Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rule. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Hawk's story…

When strong statements must be made, Hawk as the MC’s VP must be the one to make them. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, like him landing in jail. Though the club keeps an attorney on retainer, the one who shows up isn’t quite who he’s expecting. Not even close.

Feisty, classy, and curvy, this attorney pushes his buttons in all the right ways. And Hawk can’t ignore a challenge. However, she’s so out of his league, he can’t hope for anything more than a few chances to scratch all her itches.

When Kiki’s boss hands over the club’s account, she doesn’t know what to expect and her meeting with the overbearing, bad boy biker goes anything but smoothly. Like Hawk, Kiki loves a challenge, too. But getting involved in the club and its VP may not be what she bargained for. Especially when it comes to several run-ins with a rival MC, including one which may very well affect the rest of her life.

Kiki needs to decide if becoming involved with Hawk is worth not only the judgment from her peers but, even worse, the violent mayhem the club becomes entangled in.


Trigger warning: This story includes a violent situation that includes kidnapping, physical and sexual assault. Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, some violence and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who take charge, this book is for you.




Hawk pushed off from where he leaned against the door and snagged her waist to haul her to him. The air hissed out of her lungs as his big body came in full contact with her. Jesus, there wasn’t anything soft about this man. Not that she was complaining.

He plunged his fingers into her hair, fisted them, then tilted her head back to stare down into her face. “Gotta ask you somethin’, babe. Somethin’ that’s been botherin’ me.” He lowered his head until his lips hovered above hers.

“What’s that?” she whispered, desperately wanting him to close the gap and take her mouth.

“You do ‘im?”

Kiki blinked, confused. “Who?”

“The guy in your office.”

The guy... “Mike?” she squeaked.


“Are you going to ask that about every man I know and you meet?”

“Yeah. Expect it, babe. Wanna know my competition.”

“There isn’t any competition.”

“Good to hear.”

Of course, he ignored her meaning on purpose. “Because there’s nothing to win,” she clarified.

“Plenty to win.” And with that, he crushed his mouth against hers, jammed his tongue in between her lips and kissed her so long and thoroughly that a groan bubbled up from the back of her throat.

When he finally released her, he was breathing just as heavily as she was. Though, she might have him beat, but not by much.

“Babe,” he whispered, like he was surprised at his own reaction.

“Yeah?” she breathed, feeling a bit stunned that this far-from-polished man could kiss so well. But then his kisses weren’t neat and polished, either. They were demanding and raw and they lit her up like a string of Christmas lights.

“Pull your skirt up.”

Right here? She swallowed as her pussy clenched hard at his words. “I... I don’t think I can. It’s too tight.”

“It’s hot as fuck.” He reached around her and yanked at the zipper. She slapped his hands away so he wouldn’t break the delicate tab in his haste. She unzipped it and before she could slip the skirt down, he was shoving it up around her hips instead.

She gasped as his hand found her wet center, stroking between the folds before sliding two fingers deep inside her.

Oh lord, did he have wonderfully long fingers.

He curled his tall body over her and shoved his face into her neck. “No panties, babe. Fuck.”

She whimpered as he worked her, thumbing her clit, fucking her with his fingers, while he grabbed a handful of her ass with his other hand and squeezed.

She just might come that quickly...

“Get my dick out.”

Her mind had become nothing but mush so it took a second for his words to penetrate. As soon as they did, she undid the top button, unzipped his jeans, and quickly shoved them down enough so she could take his cock into her hand and cup his balls.

Her thumb grazed the crown and she swirled the precum over the hot velvety satin of his skin. He was just as ready as she was.

Suddenly, his fingers disappeared and he grabbed her ass in both hands. She yelped when he jerked her up his body. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her enough to line the tip of his cock up with her center.

Then someone groaned, she wasn’t sure who, when he let her fall a little more until he impaled her deep.

He blew out a breath and held her still as she snaked her arms around his neck to hold on.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted. “Get no deeper than that.”

When she opened her mouth to agree, nothing but a ragged breath escaped.

She had never been with anyone before that was strong enough to hold her weight like that. She wasn’t the most petite woman, though she felt like one next to Hawk’s bulk, but still... He could hold her weight without even a slight tremor and she didn’t fear him dropping her.

When he started to lift and lower her, she wrapped her arms tighter around him and shoved her face into his bare chest, inhaling his masculine scent. “Hawk,” she groaned against his skin.

“Yeah, babe?” he groaned back.

“Hawk,” she said again, her mind spinning.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“Hawk... I’m going to come.”

“Yeah, feel you squeezin’ me tight. Fuckin’ come all over me.”

His words became the tipping point and she did. She rippled around him, her toes curling, and she cried out his name again. Still quivering in his arms, he shifted and moved until her back was against the nearest wall.

 Then he pumped into her hard. Over and over. Her body taking the brunt of his thrusts since the wall didn’t give even a little bit. Every one of his deep thrusts was accompanied with a low grunt and she closed her eyes to let his sound and movement push her over the edge once more.

“Coming,” she warned him.

“Feel ya, babe. Fuck!”

“Come in me, honey.”

“Gonna. Jesus. So fuckin’ hot, wet an’ tight. Makin’ that pussy mine.”

His words rolled through her, making her shudder.

With another grunt, he jammed his hips powerfully against her, driving deep and staying there. He panted heavily, holding her tight. After a few seconds, his words rumbled in her ear, “Called me honey.”

Kiki blinked and thought back. She was not responsible for what came out of her mouth when Hawk was driving her mad. “No, you were hearing things.”

“Nope. Heard it. Can’t deny it.”

“Oh, I can deny it.”

His body shook against hers as he chuckled. Without releasing her, he stepped away from the wall. “Was just a quickie. Now time to get down to business.”


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