In the Shadows Security

Meet the "Shadows." The badass former Special Forces Operators who work for Diesel at In the Shadows Security. While this is a six-book spin-off from the Down & Dirty: Dirty Angels MC series and the Shadows were introduced in those books, it's not necessary to read the Down & Dirty series first, however, it's recommended. Some of the characters from the DAMC will be appearing in this series as well. 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (M/F)
**Can be read as standalones
Guts & Glory: Mercy
Guts & Glory: Ryder
Guts & Glory: Hunter
Guts & Glory: Walker
Guts & Glory: Steel
Guts & Glory: Brick
Guts & Glory: Books 1-3
Guts & Glory: Books 4-6
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